Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Haunted Houses in Lethbridge

Fall is one of my favourite times of year. School is back in. There's a crispness in the air. And Halloween is just around the corner. And this is the PERFECT time of year to collect stories and the long shadows of fall get people talking and thinking of ghost stories. Unfortunately it also means that I'm so busy tracking down stories that I haven't spent enough time lately sharing them with you. But here's a few of the new stories and new leads I'm trying to track down.

I've picked up stories related to three more houses in Lethbridge. Two are on the southside and one is on the northside. The northside stories were told to me by a young girl who used to live in a house on 20th Street North. She experienced some of the commonly reported things -- the TV would turn on and off by itself and there would be strange shadows and silhouettes. But this house had much more than that going on. One night the young girl (and she doesn't remember why) chose to sleep on the floor. She was looking under the bed at the time and for no reason, her brother's truck started to roll across the floor under the bed towards her. And she often experienced strange voices singing in the bathroom -- enough voices that it would sound like a choir!

On the southside, strangely enough, one of the places I've found stories on is on 20th Street South. The family who used to live in that house said that they often came home from trips to find all of the doors unlocked and the windows open and no one in the house and no signs that anyone had entered the house. And the cat, which had been safely locked in the house when they left, was regularly found sitting on the front step, slightly miffed to be outside in the cold.

The other southside house is on 13th Street South. Still waiting to get more details on this house but the story I've heard so far is that an apparition of a woman has appeared in the mirror. Can't wait to find out more...

Now if only I could get to Medicine Hat for that tour I've been promised of all of its haunted places. Then I'll have much more to share.


  1. The area between the Regional hospital and the Isolation hospital is full of stories.

  2. I've heard rumours of that area but haven't tracked down a lot of the stories. If you'd like to share, please email me.

  3. you come to my school on halloween!

  4. I lived in Lethbridge for most of my life, and one place we lived in had a lot of very strange things going on. It was on 4th Ave. S, just west of 13 St. S. In its earlier days, it was a rooming house for men. When we lived there (1971-1977), the upper part of the house was still serving as a rooming house for men. The main floor and basement was ours.

    Some of the incidents that occurred there included rocking chairs rocking on their own, apparitions appearing in the front bedroom, and a very dark, oppressive heaviness in the basement. I'm going to be visiting Lethbridge to see if the house is still standing; if so, I'm going to be looking into investigating the home with my team.

  5. I live in the upstairs app in 1255 4 ave s. my grandparents owned this house for a long time and for as long as I can remember there have been strange things that happen here. Do you know the address of the house your talking about ?